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Why Mom Needs an Early Morning Routine

Wanna know my mom success secret? It’s my early morning routine…

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My early morning routine is key for me…It helps me run my business. Show up as a teacher for my kids during distance learning. And keep mom guilt at bay with having plenty of time in the evenings for family.

I wake up at very early. Like 5am early. But this quiet early morning time finds me the extra time I need for things like self-care and focused work. Committing to wake up earlier than you kids, even by just 30-60 minutes, helps see progress on to-do’s. And less stress in getting things done.

Because I wake up and work early, I complete my work without juggling kids and work (and maybe school.) I can focus on the work that needs finishing in quiet. And potentially get even more done because you can focus. And it’s quiet.

You may not have seen yourself as a morning person before. Trust me, I never saw myself as a morning person. But I do see myself as a productive person. And I know that incomplete tasks mean something has to give. And evening family time is a non-negotiable for me. I need to change in order for me to complete my work while spending plenty of quality time with my family. It will not magically happen.

Working in an extended, focused time frame helps you complete your small projects. And start the ball rolling for the parts and pieces of your larger tasks. Often completing those tasks means more eyes on your business and more people in your community. Perhaps even more revenue in your business. Cha-ching!

You can look at your to-do list at the end of the day and think “wow, I got so much accomplished before my kids woke up today.” Or “Breakfast will be much less hectic if I’m not trying to prepare for a Zoom call while my kids are screaming about Cocoa Krispies.”

And which mom do you think shows up happier and more present for their family in the even…the mom that completes her tasks, made some sweet moolah or showed up to help change a client’s life. Or the mom who feels like that never complete anything, like they aren’t making any money, or they aren’t helping anyone change their life. I can tell you from experience that the first mom shows up MUCH happier for family time.

How to Start an Early Morning Routine

But where do you even begin if you want to start incorporating an early morning routine as a mom? Should you just start taking sleeping pills at 8 o clock and setting the alarm for 5am? I mean, you could, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

In fact, I recommend taking a slow. That exactly the way my first coach presented it to me. Wake up 30 minutes earlier. When that feels easier or you feel like you’d like a bit more time, bump it back another 30 minutes. When I started, it took me 6 months to go from waking up at 730am on the weekdays to 530am. But once I saw the benefits of added self-care and focused work, I easily convinced myself to wake even earlier. So as you start to waking earlier, record the happy feelings you have in relation to your morning routine. Those reminders will come in handy on the mornings you aren’t as keen to jump out of bed.

Plan Your Morning the Night Before

My next tip for creating a successful morning routine is to set your morning up BEFORE you wake up. Not while you’re sleeping obviously, but have a plan in place for what you will do before you sit down to do it. Because if the point of waking up earlier is to work in a focused way or take some time for yourself, you don’t want to waste the time like “what did I need to do” or wandering around looking for your yoga pants. Especially if you are starting out with only 30 minutes or so extra. Set your intentions either the night before or at the end of your previous workday. Then you know exactly what it is you’ll be tackling the next morning.

Aren’t sure what priority tasks you should tackle off your list? Check out my TRIM Your To-Do List episode by clicking here.

Do Something You Love When You Wake Up

My final tip in creating a early morning routine is to include something you love in your early morning routine. Trust me when I tell you it is so much easier to get yourself out of bed if you have your favorite face mask, great coffee, or a great book you’re reading waiting for you. Here is how I start my day…A quick meditation on the Calm app followed by my gratitude journal and then a cup of coffee. Which is drank warm because I don’t set it down and forget about it while tending to some child problem. Because it’s 5 am and my kids are still asleep. Hot coffee, a clear mind, and an abundant mindset are great ways to start a productive day.

Wanna start an early morning routine of your own? Set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier tomorrow morning. Just 15 minutes. And when you set that alarm, decide what thing you love to do you’ll do in those 15 minutes. Read a book? Watch the sun come up? Exercise? Tell your brain that you too can love waking up early so you complete your work, show up, and stay present for you time with your kids. Whether it’s while you homeschool or just for family time in the evening.

Let me know in the comments below what you plan to do with your extra early morning time. 👇👇👇

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