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Tell Me Something Good: Sharing Positive Takeaways from Quarantine

Let’s talk some positive takeaways from quarantine…

Today, we are talking positive lessons from the past year in quarantine. And I’m specifically calling them positive takeaways from “quarantine” and not “the pandemic” or “covid-19” because I realize the virus side of the last year is very serious. I am unfortunately all too aware of the loss of life and income caused over the past year. But I also know that one of the major takeaways for me personally, despite the losses, was finding gratitude regularly. In focusing on the abundance of what I have versus what I didn’t have or couldn’t have. It is a practice that I know helped keep my mood higher and my stress levels lower.

And I know that many in my community had some similar experiences. That’s why I reached out on Instagram and asked them to “Tell Me Something Good”. So I could share and inspire you to create your own quarantine positive practice to find the gratitude and abundance despite difficult times.

Positive Takeaways from Quarantine: Slow Down & Focus

Let’s start with @mcrae.designnc who says…”Together we can get through anything – together as a family, a community of moms and a group of friends. Also being “not busy” helped me to prioritize and find out what I’m good at instead of just hoping in the hamster wheel of production. I for sure finessed my product and my brand over the last year. ❤️

And @thejoyfulsort had a similar takeaway when she said her takeaway was “The chance to slooooow down and reprioritize”

Did anyone else realize how fast they were moving when the world forced them to slow down? I know I did. Especially in terms of taking “busy” off the table. And I also know that a goal as we start to resume a more regular pace of life is to keep some sense of those priorities. To keep the rat race from creeping back. To appreciate the slow. Anyone else?

Positive Takeaways from Quarantine: Business Is Better

Next, we have some business positives. I know between unemployment numbers and shutdowns, there is a lot of stress around business. And running small businesses. But these amazing mom entrepreneurs actually found their way to gratitude despite the difficulties.

@hellomigosocial commented “For me it was being part of a massive layoff and diving headfirst into launching my business. It hasn’t been easy, but I know that I’m in line with what I’m meant to do”

Talk about flipping the script! This abundant mama was able to spin her low point into creating a new life for her family that she loves.

@taramqwhitaker also found the time and confidence to make a change thanks to the past year. She says “I finally pivoted my business into what I *really* wanted to do but was too scared of doing before. It’s lit a fire in me, and I’m SO glad I took the plunge!”

This goes back into having that slow down we talked about earlier. The time to think a little longer. Or consider what would make you happier. Or lean into what scares you because what else do you have to do right now! Both of these mamas took a leap inspired by their time in quarantine that is already paying dividends for their business.

And speaking of investing during quarantine to pay dividends later, @queenbeejackie says “I think I had several positives of last year! The time at home allowed me to slow down and focus on building relationships in my personal and professional life. Learning to better communicate with others while not being face to face. I also made some meaningful connections with other business owners thru Instagram that have become supportive peers IRL. Very thankful!”

Another mama appreciative of slowing down, re-focusing, and finding ways to improve despite difficult circumstances. And I love how @queenbeejackie is already thinking about how she can transfer the communication skills she has honed over the past year to create a supportive community in real life going forward.

Positive Takeaways from Quarantine: Personal Triumphs

Next, we had some mamas share more personal wins…@christenjschneider “Letting people help me has probably been my biggest lesson/positive this year.”

I found this comment so relatable. I fully admit that I am a mom who struggles with asking for help even if I know I need it. And when the universe dumped on us mom last spring, our already difficult job got even harder. I applaud all of you who realized you could no longer juggle it all without help. And I hope like @christenjschneider shared, that it wasn’t a temporary fix. That we have learned to ask for help in our home and business life when we need it in order to keep our minds and moods in a safe stress zone.

And finally, @aliciamc25 shared “I used exercise as a means of dealing with my stress and I’m feeling pretty f-ing awesome. And can do a V sit! (My abdominal strength was destroyed after baby #4 so the V sit is a huge f-ing accomplishment for me!)”

You! Go! Girl! You should feel incredibly accomplished and I love so much about this share. First, she knew she needed some sort of stress release and leaned into exercise. That recognition and taking action is so crucial and necessary to maintain and healthy mind and attitude. And secondly, you should scream your accomplishments from the rooftops! Whether you can now do a v-sit after 4 kids, or you signed your first client, or you made your first six-figures. You should absolutely celebrate your wins. Shout them loudly and often just like @aliciamc25 did here. Regular celebrations of even the smallest victories are so important for your motivation and mental health.

Lastly today, I want to share a few of my personal positives from the past year. I am incredibly grateful for the extra time with my kids. Has it all been fun? No. Have we had stressful times? Yes. But in 10 years when my kids are gone, I will think back fondly on the year when we ate every single meal together for 380 some odd days straight. On how we used creativity to stay entertained. On how bad I am at teaching 3rd grade math. I honestly think when my kids go back to in-person school next fall, it will be harder on my mama heart than it was when I dropped them off for kindergarten.

And finally, much like @hellomigosocial and @taramqwhitaker, 2020 forced me to lean into an idea I was merely toying with when it came to my business. Because I couldn’t work outside the home as a professional organizer, I had the time, drive and brainspace to cultivate something I am passionate about.

One of my favorite quotes is “leap and your net will appear” from John Burroughs. But without the forced slow down, I may never have taken the time to leap. And for that I am grateful. Grateful for the coaching I have received around launching my coaching business. Grateful for the opportunity to create content around my passion of helping mom entrepreneurs experience a super fun life. And grateful for you listeners in over 40 countries around the world who take time out to listen each week. I hope I’ve helped you with some quick wins and strategies to make both your home and work life more fun and fulfilled.

Now it’s your turn…For this final action step of season 2, get out a pen and paper or the notes app on your phone. Reflect on the positives you’ve experienced in the last year, despite all the other circumstances. Once you start focusing on what your positives, you’ll start to see the abundance all around you.

Family Fun Tip

Our final super simple family fun tip for season 2 is to make a bird feeder. I have my year as a homeschool mom to thank for the inspiration for this tip. Both last Spring and this past Fall, my kids’ science lessons included that construction of some sort of bird feeder. And I have to say, I’m kinda of surprised at how much enjoyment we’ve got from a pretty simple task.

Last spring, we made super simple, pinecones covered in bird seed feeders. Which were promptly stolen from our tree right in front of our eyes by a pair of very stealthy squirrels. It was quite entertaining watching them try to run away and up a tree with their prize.

In the Fall, I made an effort to outsmart the squirrels with simple kits from Amazon, which I will link to in the show notes for you. We painted our houses and filled them religiously throughout the winter. Many mornings, we would open our front door to see cardinals, chickadees, house finches, and tufted titmouses enjoying their buffet. Like I said, a shockingly satisfying craft.

If you are interested in creating a simple birdhouse for you and your family, here is a link to a kit we purchased on Amazon (this is an affiliate link). Or try this easy upcycled bird feeder using a gallon milk jug.

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