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How to Choose Your Priority Tasks

Struggling to choose your priority tasks?

I want to help you define your urgent and important tasks. The tasks that will help you feel more accomplished. The tasks that will move your business forward or keep our household running smoothly.

Can you spend more time choosing your tasks based on what needs to be done? Planning for what will move you forward? Then you will see more growth and feel more productive.  Taking the time to schedule and follow through with your priority tasks ensures the urgent and important tasks are complete. Which leaves plenty of time for the fun stuff.

Because so often, we like to lead with the fun stuff. Or we aren’t quite sure what is a priority. So we expend a lot of energy in a lot of different places. This leaves us with very little energy for those tasks that truly will make an impact. Maybe we’re task switching so often that we lose track of what we were working on. Or what was important.  

I was chatting with some of the members of my community about this last week. See if any of this resonates with you… Jessi said “Its the juggle struggle. Making the work, home, school stuff all work together.”  Sarah said “the kids priorities bleed all over my work needs. Maybe it’s boundaries, but they need to succeed at their tasks like schooling”. And Katie said “I think for me it’s just a matter of prioritizing and not get distracted. Focusing on that one thing instead of putting out small fires all day” Any of that sound familiar?

Regularly establishing your priority tasks and creating a specific time to work on them alleviates the stress and overwhelm of trying to juggle all the things. You can work on those urgent and important actions at times your family doesn’t need your attention. Then those truly important, time sensitive, required, impactful, or money related tasks are complete. Plus you free up your mental bandwidth to help your family or for your less urgent and important tasks.

Steps to Choose Your Priority Tasks

And that is why we are going to chat Your Priority Recipe today. These are all the ingredients you will need to create an effective schedule of your priority tasks. Now you can complete what you need to do while having time and brainpower left for your family…And other tasks of lesser importance. To make it even easier for you, I’ve created a free worksheet with all these steps. You can download your copy by clicking the link below.

First, you need to create your to-do list. I like to combine my work and home tasks into one. But if you’d like to keep it separate, you can create two separate lists and then run them both through these steps.

Next, assign a 1 or a 2 to the tasks on your list. Tasks that are 1’s must be done. Get them on your schedule or make time to complete them today. Tasks that are 2’s can wait until the 1’s are complete or another day. And if you aren’t sure if a task would qualify as a 1…I got you.

A few weeks back we talked about how to TRIM your to-do list. This is pivotal in helping you decide if your tasks are 1s or 2s. Here are the questions to ask to determine your #1 tasks:

  • Is it time sensitive or has an approaching due date coming soon?
  • Is it required, meaning it is necessary for your work or home life or there will be a consequence?
  • Will it make an impact positively or negatively on your work, home, family or health?
  • Is it money related, as in it will help you make money or will affect your financial health if it’s not completed?

If you answered “yes” to any of those question, that task is a 1. Place it on your schedule.

Finally, schedule all those urgent important tasks that are 1s. And when you are scheduling, if you know a particular task will require focus, quiet, or extra brainpower, try to schedule them when you can get focus, quiet or extra brainpower. This feeds into that juggle struggle both Sarah and Jessi refer to…they feel pulled between helping their kids with their school work and completing their to-dolist. Get up early and knock out your priority tasks. If you have a spouse or caregiver in your home, try to work on your priority tasks when they are around so your kids can have their questions answered.

And also remember, setting boundaries to complete your work is perfectly ok. If your child’s assignment is NOT on an approaching deadline but your work task is, explain that you will answer their question or give them the help they need in a minute, but right now you need the time and space to complete your work. I’m not saying it will work like magic the first time. But we are all working out this new normal of work/school/home life. Keep your kids in the loop. Explain your need for time to work. Establish a time when you will be available. In time, this communication allows you to complete your priority tasks. And assures your kids you will be able to answer their questions at a time in the near future.

Want an action step to start chosing your priorities? Run your to-do list through the priority recipe…assign a 1 or 2 to each task and get those #1 tasks on your schedule. And if you still aren’t sure if it’s a priority, run it through the TRIM your to-do list flowchart. You can pick up “Your Priority Recipe” and the “TRIM Your To-Do List Flowchart” here.

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Revamp Your Morning Routine - Business Savvy Mama Podcast

How to Get Back on Track with Your Morning Routine

What happens when life happens to your morning routine?

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Today we’re talking how to regroup and restart your morning routine when life gets in the way. Or the snooze bar gets in the way. Whichever comes first. But you can salvage your morning routine with a bit of pre-planning for the inevitable backsliding or life happening that may come your way.

I created a past, present, future technique to help revitalize your morning routine…or any habit that may fall by the wayside. Can you identify what tripped you up? Need help creating a new plan or editing your old one to prevent similar backsliding in the future. Can you pre-plan a strategy to keep you going? Read on for more details below. 😉

You may not have thought about planning to fail in order to keep habit going in the past. But I can tell you it works. Your brain likes to be comfortable and stay the same. Whenever you try to get it out of its comfort zone, it sends all kinds of doubt and obstacles your way. It wants to protect its cozy, comfortable state. That’s why we are going to prepare in advance for what our brain could do to stop us and have a plan to succeed ready to go.

The tips in today’s episode are perfect for when you’ve been on a roll with your morning routine and then a kid gets sick. Or you go on vacation. Or you get sick while on vacation. Any number of things that can come up and threaten your morning routine. As a result, you start to convince yourself that a morning routine really wasn’t important or that it wasn’t working for you.

And these problem solving/restart tips will not only work for you recalibrating your morning routine, but the past, present, future way to look at problem solving can also help you for restarting other habits that may have fallen by the wayside. Not to mention, the mindset skill of creating a stopping strategy will benefit you to talk your brain out of quitting other habits you truly want to incorporate into your life.

And showing others, like your kids or your clients, how you can reset or reinvest when you’ve fallen off the wagon can inspire them to do the same. #bonus

Learning from Your Past Morning Routine

When it comes to restarting or reinvesting in a your morning routine habit, I want to help you see the past, present and future. This will help you jump start waking up early again.

Let’s start with the past…Or evaluating what happened to get you off track. When did your morning routine get off track? Was it a vacation? Did you bedtime routine slide and make it harder to wake up? Did you convince yourself that a morning routine wasn’t worth it? Get super clear on what happened to get you off track.

And also, as we look at the past, remember WHY it was you wanted a morning routine. Was it to work more focused? To get work projects done before your kids woke up? To have some time to exercise or read a book for yourself? That why statement is so crucial to remembering what made you start this new habit.

Want some strategy on crafting your why statement?
Check out my episode “Mindset for a Mom Morning Routine” to help you out.

Succeed with Your Present Morning Routine

Next, comes the present…You want to continue the parts of your morning routine that were working. And eliminate what is not. What was working when routine was humming along? What was not working? As you reboot your routine, you don’t have to keep all the parts and pieces that you originally planned. For instance, your morning jog may be better in the evening. Maybe you’re trying to tackle too many to-dos. Don’t feel like you have to go back if it truly isn’t working.

And on the flip side…if something was working well. If it brought you joy, was something you love, or was something you looked forward to every day, be sure you keep doing that.

Preparing for Your Future Morning Routine

Finally, when we look to the future…How can you prepare for future success? I love the term “stopping strategy” which was introduced to me by my coach Emily Williams. It’s essentially pre-planning for those things that trip up and stop you from getting ahead. If we can identify the obstacles beforehand, we can problem solve before we encounter them.

For example, is binge watching Netflix and staying up too late is stopping you from waking early? Then it is essential for you to have a bedtime alarm. Or perhaps a friend who will call and make sure you’re getting ready for bed. Do you hit the snooze too many times because your alarm is on your nightstand? Try keeping your alarm across the room to force you to get up. In other words, figure out from your past what tripped you up and problem solve now for your success.

Does your morning routine or any habit that needs a little kick in the pants to address your past, present and future? Grab your journal or the notes app on your phone and let’s make a plan! To sum up the past, present, future technique, you need to:

  1. Write down your “why” for creating a morning routine.
  2. Record what it was that got you off track.
  3. List what was working and what wasn’t for your morning routine.
  4. What tripped you up or what could potentially stop you in the future? You need to plan for how you would successfully navigate that obstacle. Fill in the blank below:

“If I _________________ (insert the action that stops you), I will ______________ (insert the solution to keep you going.)

And I am here to help you in all aspects of your morning routine. Feel free to drop your question in the comments below. Or share your stopping strategy for a bit of accountability.

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Mom Morning Routine - Business Savvy Mama Podcast

How to Create a Morning Routine as a Mompreneur

“I could never have a mom morning routine.”

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I disagree.

Wanna know the biggest factor in my success as an entrepreneur and mom trying to juggle all the things? That is my morning routine. We touched on it a little in EarlyWhy Mom Needs an Morning Routine to balance work and homeschool successfully. This week we dive into the nitty gritty details of all things morning routine. From mindset to backsliding. From going to bed to waking up.

Today I have mindset exercises to help you get over the idea that you’re not a morning person. They will help you create a “why” around waking up earlier and see how your life could benefit from an early morning routine.

Dig deep with these exercises. Establish a solid connection to how your morning routine could help you complete your work and spend more time with your family. Even the most non-morning person can start to develop a morning routine when they focus on their why.

Benefits of a Mom Morning Routine

You might be thinking that waking up early is simply a matter of setting your alarm earlier. But there is more too it than that. Knowing your “why”, the benefits and the motivation for why you are making this change can help you stick with it. If you’re just setting an alarm, it’s easy to say “well I don’t need to wake up early tomorrow. I’ll do it the next day.” If you connect the act of setting your alarm or waking up early to a “why”, a specific purpose and benefit, you will be more successful and your new morning routine will feel enjoyable to maintain.

And you might think “this sounds great but I’m not a morning person.” I never thought of myself as a morning person. But I am addicted to crossing things off my to-do list. I am a person who prefers to spend my evenings with my family versus my laptop. Would you like to be that person too?

These exercises will help you establish a clear “why” that will help you continue your morning routine even on the days you want to hit the snooze 17 times.

You’ll start to develop a routine that may include self-care or home tasks that you’ve had trouble fitting in.   

And doing the mindset work to clearly establish the benefits of your morning routine keeps you waking early, completing work, and focusing on your family life later in the day.

Let’s Create Your Mom Morning Routine “Why”

Our exercises will focus on the benefits and tasks you would like to include in your morning routine. So grab a pen and paper or the notes app on your phone and play along…

First, list 3 ways you could benefit from an early morning routine…these could be work related, family releated, self-care related, exercise relates, quiet cup of coffee related…everyone’s list will be different. The important thing is to look at where you struggle in your work and home life now, and thing how a quiet, focused, kid-free environment could help you with that.

Step 2 is to figure out what tasks you would do in your early morning routine. Fill in the blank of “If I woke up consistently earlier I could” blank…what could you do for your self-care? What could you do around your house? How could your work or productivity improve?

See how your morning routine can help you balance homeschool and work life.
Listen to “Why Mom Needs an Early Morning Routine.”

And finally, let’s put all your brainstorming together. The ways you could benefit and what your could do with the new found time in your morning routine. Create your “why” statement by writing “I’m motivated to create a consistent morning routine so I can” and pick your priority benefits and tasks.

Remembering Your Mom Morning Routine “Why”

For instance, my morning routine why sounds like this….I’m motivated to create a consistent morning routine so I can meditate to prepare my mind for the day, get the priority tasks on my to-do list completed, and finish last night’s dishes. Because I hate doing dishes at night after dinner. I just want to sit on my couch. That couch time with my family is important and helps keep me motivated to wake up early. Getting those priority tasks keeps me motivated to wake up. Because I know the stress I feel when I try to do focused work with my kids asking a thousand questions or needing a thousand snacks. And my early morning meditation practice is the first form of self-care I’ve stuck too consistently since becoming a mother. Now I feel like my day is incomplete without it.

Let’s create your why…List 3 or more ways you could benefit from a morning routine. Next, answer what self-care, home care, or work tasks you could do that you aren’t doing consistently now if you started a morning routine. And I finally, using the lists you’ve created, write your why statement…I’m motivated to create a consistent morning routine so I can…

I’d love to hear your morning routine why. Tell me in the comments below the benefits and tasks you’ll tackle complete in your morning routine.

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eating the frog - Business Savvy Mama

How Eating the Frog Helps You Get More Done

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What in the world is eating the frog?!? 🐸🐸🐸

And how can it possibly help me get more done???

Let’s finish up our week of tips for balancing work at home with homeschool with a little talk about priorities. Eating the frog kind of priorities. Yes, eating a frog. And no, I haven’t completely lost my mind. <Ribbit>

The term “eat the frog” comes from the quote…

“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.”

Mark Twain

I can’t imagine there’s a lot of you who would enjoy eating a frog. And if you do, I’m not judging. But if your job depends on you doing something that you aren’t very motivated to do but needs doing (because it means you’ll make more money, get more clients, or serve your community)…do that thing first. And this same logic can apply to those homeschool assignments that your kids may not be so excited to do.

Eating the frog ensures you get the tasks you NEED to do but don’t WANT to do done. And off your to-do list. No more spinning your wheels doing things for your business that won’t actually move you forward. No more kids realizing at 9pm they have a report due tomorrow but they put it off all day. Eat the frog. Then move on to the tasks you’ll enjoy doing. Usually with a clearer mind and the satisfaction in knowing you got the task you’ve been dreading finished.

You succeed at eating the frog when you’re aware of what needs finished. By knowing your priority tasks. And dedicating yourself to completing those tasks first.

Need tips on figuring out those priority tasks? Click here to check out last week’s episode about TRIM-ing your to-do list.

Often, we are really good at making a to-do list. But then focus on what we want to do. Or what would be the most fun. Or what would be the least work. Taking the extra step to identify your priority task, even if it isn’t your favorite thing to do, ensures the most important tasks are completed to move your business forward. Or that your child’s important assignment is complete.

So if you ever catch yourself wondering why you feel like you work all the time but aren’t seeing results…it may be time to eat the frog. Does your kid always tells you about a big report or assignment at the last minute? It might be time for them to eat the frog.

Complete your urgent and important tasks first to help clear up time and brain space for the things you like to do. Or want to do. You’ll feel less stressed and make more money because you are focusing first on the tasks that will generate revenue. Or grow your community. For your kids, they will learn to get the tasks they hate to do out of the way. And learning to create a prioritized list of tasks is a life skill that benefits them when mom isn’t around. You know, to make sure they get those frogs eaten in college and beyond.

And when you focus on eating the frog, you’ll feel less stressed looking at your to-do list. Imagine a list of 7 tasks, 3 of which you are dreading to do. If you knock those 3 out first, the other 4 tasks will be much easier for you to tackle. You’ll feel more motivated to finish your list rather than letting those tasks you’re dreading hang out until tomorrow.

And when those important tasks we need to do for our work or school life are done clients are happier. Teachers are happier. Our bank accounts are happier. And really the family, in general, is happier.

So as you sit down to create your list of to-do’s, whether it is a daily list, a weekly list. Whether the list is for your business, your child’s school, or just a list of chores around the house…figure out which tasks are your frogs. The tasks you must do for your job in order to generate more revenue. Or serve your clients in an immediate way. The assignments that will have the greatest impact on your child’s grades or education. The household tasks that you’ve been avoiding but are necessary and important. Find your frog and eat it first thing. You’ll be happy you did. And if it’s hard to swallow, ketchup makes nearly everything better.

Your eating the frog action step is to pick that one urgent and important task from your to-do list that you dread doing. And do it first. Make a conscious effort when you look at your list to identify any resistance around those urgent and important tasks. And that same applies as you create a daily list with your kids…encourage them to complete work for the subjects the like least out of the way first. Then they can focus that waning, late day energy on things they prefer. I’d love to hear what frogs you’re eating. Drop me a comment below to let me know what’s on your list.

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TRIM you to-do list to get more done

You Should TRIM Your To-Do List to Get More Done

Feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list?

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If you are the mom with a huge, constantly revolving to-do list on your Notes app or a yellow legal pad, today’s episode is for you. If you feel like you don’t know what to do or where to start because your list is so long, I got you, mama.

My TRIM method will help you pare your to-do list down to the essentials and focus on what is urgent and important to do for your work, home, and family. And by focusing on what is a priority, those urgent and important things, you’ll feel less overwhelmed. And you may even want to tackle some of those other to-do list tasks that aren’t as urgent and important.

Up until now, you may just keep a running log of what you want to get done. Or maybe you have a daily checklist in a planner or on your phone. But have you taken the time to prioritize the tasks? Or are you just doing them in the order they’re written? Maybe you’re doing what you want to do first?

By TRIM-ing your to-do list first, you pay your bills, you file your reports in a timely manner, and you see results from completing tasks that will actually have an impact on your work and home life.

When you focus on the tasks that will really have an effect, you will start to feel more accomplished. You may even find some of those other tasks you THOUGHT you needed to do don’t need done now. You may be able to shorten what it is that you need to do. And you can cut down on busywork that may just be you spinning your wheels rather than actually progressing forward.

And of course, when mama feels more accomplished and happy, the family feels more accomplished and happy. Trust me, it is much easier to shut down working mom brain and focus on family time when you cross those urgent and important tasks off the to-do list.

Take a look at your list of tasks and determine what is urgent and important if it falls into these categories…and just a note, some tasks may fall into more than one of these categories. I feel like that just emphasizes the fact that you should do those tasks first.

“T” is for Time Sensitive

Does the task have a deadline or due date? Is that deadline or due date approaching or has it passed? Or are there sub-tasks that are time sensitive that you need to do in order to complete the project or tasks on time? Like you’re doing a podcast interview next week but the host would like you to send a headshot and bio before the interview. Because there is a due date for submitting my headshot and bio, I would consider that task “Time Sensitive”.

“R” is for Required

In other words, is it something you must do or there may be a consequence. For instance, you have to log into a certain site and watch a video. You have to take a class. Or you need to take a test. You need to schedule a meeting. Think “what will happen if I don’t do this tasks.” If the answer is something that may have negative results for your business, your home, or your family, then it is a required tasks you need to do.

“I” stands for Impact

Impact tasks will positively affect your business or home life. From a business standpoint, this is where being clear on which marketing avenues actually help you grow your business and get new clients, and which do not. If a huge part of your clientele comes from social media, tasks related to social media would be considered “impactful”. But if you don’t see a good ROI on a particular platform or you find more success with networking or email marketing, make sure those tasks that make an impact are the first to-do’s you tackle.

“M” is for Money-Related

Finally, will doing this tasks help you make money? I could mean returning an email or phone call to a potential client. Or finishing an online product. Or uploading items to sell in your online store. It could also mean not doing this task cost you money…as in paying your bills late or not paying your bills at all. Think of how completing or not completing this task can positively or negatively impact your bottom line for your business or your family.

Today’s action step for TRIMing your to-do list starts with evaluating your list. Determine what needs done first and what could be delayed or dropped. If a task is Time Sensitive, Required, Will Have a Impact, or is Money Related, do those tasks first! Anything else you can throw in during your day will be a bonus.

Doing a regular review to TRIM your to-do’s will help you stay on track of the most urgent and important tasks for your home and business and help you feel like you get more done. So, what can you TRIM from your to-do list today? Tell me in the comment below…

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Find more time - Business Savvy Mama

3 Ways to Find More Time for What Matters

Trying to find more time for family? Self-care? Your spouse?

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Today, I’m talking to the mamas who feel like they never have enough time. I am going to help you find or create more time in your day. And yes, I am a magician. 😉

Here’s the trick…Are you willing to make some choices with where you spend your time? Are you willing to work on figuring out your priorities? Then you will start to find more time to do the things you love.

And this is great because you have the power to start right now. Today. As soon as you finish listening to this episode. You have always had this ability and it will cost you nothing to get started. Win and win in my book!

Incorporating and practicing today’s time management tactics will help you find time in your day and schedule for what is important to you. You will start to feel like you are less stressed on a daily basis because your to-do list is getting to-done. And you can actually find some time to do something for yourself…if that is one of your priorities. Which it absolutely should be. 😉

And your family will benefit from you being less stressed and more available to them for focused, family time. Sound like something you can get on board with? Yep, I totally agree.

Pick Your No’s

Your first tip to find more time is to Pick Your No’s.  Whump-whump…as in the things you say “no” to. I stole this bit of parenting advice I received when I was pregnant for my first child. But I think it applies well here as well. So often when we feel overscheduled or stressed about time, it’s because we have said “yes” too often. “Yes!” I will do this for a client on short notice. I will absolutely enroll my kids in 7 different activities. “Sure.” I will agree to make cookies for the school fundraiser and deliver meals to a friend who’s had a baby. And run a business. And have a family life…

Just to be clear, I am not saying any of these things are wrong or that you shouldn’t do them…unless you feel overwhelmed by your schedule and that things are slipping through the cracks. When you start to feel that way, you have to pick your no’s and figure out where saying yes is important and where you need to say no.

Make Your Priorities a Priority

Picking your “no’s” goes hand-in-hand with my second tip to find more time…Make your priorities a priority. Know what is important for you to focus your time on. Get those activities on the calendar. Do what’s important first thing when you sit down to work or with your family when you wake up each day.

I often see a vicious cycle where moms are frustrated because they feel pulled in too many directions because they aren’t clear on what is important for their business or family life. And because they aren’t clear on what’s important in their business or family life, they do all the things trying to make sure every base is covered…all the while stressing out themselves and often their family.

Getting clear on your priorities helps you focus your time and energy on the things that truly matter in growing your business or spending time with your family. And if you have time for other stuff, that’s gravy.

Ask for Help

My final tip to find more time is to let someone help you. And I know this can be hard. Believe me. I am the queen of thinking I can just do it all myself. Or that I can do it so I should. Or that I can do it right and I don’t want someone to mess it up. But letting go of a little control and allowing ourselves help will go a long way in helping us buy time, move forward, and spend more time with our families. You cannot be the only person who does all the things without cracking eventually.

And getting help doesn’t mean surrendering all control. This may mean your spouse puts the kids to bed so you can work on your priorities in the evening. Or everyone pitches in for a 10-minute cleanup session every afternoon. Yes, your spouse might not read The Pout Pout Fish the way you do. And yes, the toys might not make it into the exact right bin you’ve labeled. But sometimes done is better than perfect. Especially if you feel stressed and overwhelmed.

If you feel ready and inspired to find more time in your schedule for what is important and what you love, I want to you take action on the steps I’ve given you today…

  • Pick Your No’s and start saying yes only when something is a priority.
  • Make your priorities a priority. Get those urgent and important things that help you grow your business or spend more quality time with your family on the schedule.
  • Ask for help if you are still struggling to fit it all in. Figure out what you can have someone in your family help with or hire out tasks that don’t require your direct involvement.

Ready to experience better mental, physical, and emotional health without sacrificing additional time and energy? Let’s jump on a free, no-obligation 15-minute clarity call to see how I can help you experience more fun & fulfillment in your work and home life.