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How to Set Yourself Up for a Productive Day

Where does a productive day begin?

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Looking to level up, make more money, and succeed more than you currently are? You must have a plan for a productive day. Winging it will only get you so far. Throwing spaghetti at the wall will burn you out, especially when you are just starting a business.

Taking time to plan productively will help you focus on the projects that will move the needle and contribute to your big picture goals. And when you focus your time on what moves the needle, you see growth even with limited work time.

Can you commit to spending time each week and each day to review your tasks and see how they align with your goals? Can you spend some time creating quarterly and yearly goals for your products and marketing? If you can block this time for planning into your schedule and create a daily task list that aligns with your planning, you will see this growth.

So often we just have a long list of to-do’s that don’t have a purpose for our overall goal. We are posting every day on social media, pitching to podcasts or blogs, sending emails to our lists, creating opt-ins for our website…we are doing all the to-dos. But my question for you is how do these tasks align with your overall goals? How will they help you sell your products or services? Are you just “to-doing” to “to-do” or is it focused with a purpose?

I’ve been where a lot of you are. Doing the things you think you are supposed to do because this guru said “follow this plan to grow your social media” or this one said “be sure to email your list 3 times a week”. You are doing the things. And you might be feeling a little frustrated, burnt out, and wondering when all this work is going to turn into dollars.

Taking the time to apply the 4 steps we will talk about will help you focus your actions…the showing up on social media, the emailing the clients, the guest appearance pitches….so that the time and effort you are putting into tasks results in business success. Or perhaps you’ll see the efforts are better spent in another area that will actually help you meet your goals.

You’ll start each quarter, each quarter, and each day with tasks that move your needle versus just randomly spinning your wheels with no clear plan for your efforts. And when you can make your tasks work towards your goals, you will work less and get further.

And that focused work pointing to your priority offer means less time working and more time for family.

How to Plan For a Productive Day, Week, & Quarter

If feel like I’ve made a pretty good case for taking a bit of time to work on your business as we head in to Q4, but where do you start? Here are 4 steps you can take to set yourself up for a productive day and beyond…

  1. Set Your Intentions…Brain dump, create a vision board, write in your journal, create a spreadsheet. Whatever you can do to get super clear on what you want. I like to start with my overall goals then whittle them down into weekly and daily goals. Get super clear on what you want to do and the steps it takes to get you there. Those steps that get you where you want to go are your priority tasks…which is what we are talking about next.
  2. Set Your Priority Tasks…When you look at your overall goals or intentions for the quarter, what needs to be done first? Which actions have positive effects or negative consequences on your financial goals if you complete or ignore them?
  3. Set Your To-Do List…Once we have set our intentions and set our priorities, we need to set our to-do list. Get these tasks on to your schedule. These are the actions that will actually move your business forward, create more income, and grow your community. Get these to-do’s to-done first. Make sure you are super clear on the tasks you need to complete in order to reach your overall goal for the quarter.
  4. Set Time to Work…Some of your priority tasks on your to-do list may be ongoing like posting on social media or sending that email newsletter. Some might be one-off like creating an opt-in that leads to the product you are selling. No matter what it is, you need to set aside time on your schedule to get it done. Don’t just assume that the time will magically appear in your day. Or that you can do these tasks that may not be as exciting or interesting to you AFTER you’ve done the stuff you like. Get the priority tasks from your to-do list on your schedule and do them first. That way, if you don’t get anything else done, the most important tasks that help you grow your business and increase your revenue are done.

There you go…4 steps to effectively plan for your most productive day and beyond…set your intentions, set your priority tasks, set your to-do list and set your time to work.

Your action step today is to start your Q4 planning if you have not already done so. Brain dump or journal what your goals are for the quarter, then start breaking those goals down as we talked about today. Decide those priority tasks that align with what you want to make, who you need to reach, and what you need to do. Break those tasks into manageable daily and weekly items on your to-do list then schedule the time to work. Reaching your goals will feel much less daunting when you do this. And you will feel much less scattered and unfocused when you’re clear about your priority tasks.

Still feels overwhelming to plan a productive day or quarter? Join me for my new one-on-one virtual intensives to take you from stress to success. I know as a mom entrepreneur you are already filled to the max. You don’t have time for another online course or book to read then figuring out how you can make it all work for you. You need to make the most of your planning time.

That’s why in just 2 hours we will work 1-on-1 to create an easy-to-follow, tailor-made system that helps you work productively and know exactly what steps you need to take reach your goals. And these one-on-ones are not solely for creating your quarterly goals. I can help you create a made to order routine for any area of your home and business to meet the unique needs of your work and family.

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