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Why Mom Entrepreneurs Need to Love Themselves: Self-Care Ideas

How do you practice self-care?

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Self-care feels like such a buzzword. But self-care isn’t only girls” weekends in Mexico or days at a spa. It’s the actions you take to take care of yourself so you can take care of everything else on your plate. And it’s is your best weapon to combat the stress of mom life and entrepreneur life. That’s why we are talking self-care ideas for mom entrepreneurs.

See, when your stress hormones are lower because you are taking care of yourself, you are able to think with more clarity and focus which in turn leads to better productivity. You get more done in less time with fewer mistakes. I’d call that a win. And stress also causes you to become reactive. Know how sometimes you get annoyed or fly off the handle? Yeah, that’s probably because of stress. Taking time out to show yourself a little love on the regular is going to help with that, too.

And as I said earlier, self-care doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. It can be waking 30 minutes earlier so you can read or enjoy a quiet cup of coffee. Or taking a walk alone before dinner. Maybe a Zoom call with friends. Those who are successful at incorporating self-care and see the impact of their actions are those who prioritize making the time for it.

If you’re thinking “I don’t have the time for that”,  trust me, you do. You just need 10 minutes. 10 minutes equals .7% of your entire day. .7%. And yes, 10 minutes can make an impact. It’s more way more beneficial to stop worrying that 10 minutes isn’t enough time and start thinking about when you can schedule those 10 minutes of you time during the day and what you will do.

And as a recovering self-care neglecting busy body, I can totally relate to thinking there is something much more productive you could be doing with those 10 minutes. Or 30 minutes. Or however long you set aside. But we are thinking long-term here, mamas. As the saying goes “you cannot pour from an empty cup.” Burnout is real. If you haven’t experienced it yet as an entrepreneur, you will. Unless you take care of you. From the stress of overworking at your job to the stress of underappreciation in your mom life, burnout out can and will happen if you don’t take time to care for you. And avoiding burnout is just one benefit of self-care.

Want more tips on avoiding burnout? Check out my episode “How to Avoid Work at Home Burnout”.

A regular practice can boost your mental, physical, and emotional health because it triggers a relaxation response as opposed to the fight or flight mode your body idles in when you feel constant stress. And as I mentioned before, you can think clearer and focus more which in turn means you are more productive. You can finish your work in less time and have more time to nurture your family and yourself. It’s a whole cycle. When you care for yourself, you can more easily care for others. Which in turn makes it easier to care for yourself because you aren’t stressed about caring for others. See how that works!

Practicing a bit of self-care on a daily basis helps to combat resentment or unhappiness that you might feel because you are always giving but not receiving back what you feel you deserve.

I love this quote from Oprah in her book What I Know for Sure…“I know for sure that you cannot give to everyone else and not give back to yourself. You will end up empty, or at best, less than what you can be for yourself and your family and your work. Replenish the well of yourself, for yourself.”

Boom! From Oprah’s lips to your ears…replenish yourself.

10 Free, 10-Minute Self-Care Ideas

And as I promised, here are 10 free, 10-minute self-care tips that you can start to incorporate into your day to help start replenishing yourself.

Firstly, let’s start with some mindset self-care ideas like:

  1. Meditate using a meditation app or just some calming music. Sit still. Stay present. And breathe.
  2. Write in a gratitude journal. Whether you have an actual journal, an app on your phone or the back of your kid’s spelling test, take time to reflect on how blessed you are. Remember gratitude invites abundance.
  3. Write in an affirmation journal. It can be very easy to focus on what we are not. That’s why I’m suggesting taking time to focus on what you are. Create a list starting with “I am” then fill in the blank.
  4. Review and celebrate your goals. We often get so caught up in moving to the next step that we forget to celebrate how far we’ve come. Take a little time to reflect on the wins you’ve had, big or small, on your path to your goals.

Next, I have some physical activity self-care ideas:

  1. Move your body. Take a walk, have a dance party, or even stretch. Just get that body moving in some way for 10 minutes.
  2. Take deep breaths. By slowing your breathing, you increase your oxygen intake and tells your brain to relax aka stop stressing. And when the brain relaxes, it releases those feel good endorphins that improve your mood and have a natural calming effect.
  3. Laugh, really hard. Studies have shown you can help boost the immune system, ease anxiety, relieve stress, and diffuse anger (I’m looking at you, social media). So take a few minutes to watch funny animal videos or make faces with your kids.

And finally, I have some activity self-care ideas:

  1. Reach out to someone you love. Send a text. Write a card. Or use your phone as phone to talk to someone near and dear.
  2. Read. Find something to read for you. A novel. A biography. A business book. A romance novel. Pick it because you WANT to read it not because you should or have to. Then find a cozy place and curl up with your book.
  3. Create something…You could cook something, craft something, color something, bake something, write something, sew something, paint something, play something. The idea is to be creative. Because creativity helps you to process negative emotions in a positive way.

And there you go! 10 free, 10-minute self-care ideas to help you on the path to less stress as a mom and entrepreneur. If you need a written copy of my list, you can visit my show notes at and search for the episode Why Mom Entrepreneurs Need to Love Themselves. My action step for you for today’s episode is to pick one of the ten ideas to incorporate and get it on your schedule. Then repeat for tomorrow. Remember, you just need 10 minutes. And be sure to let me know what you’ll be doing.

Family Fun Tip

This week’s family fun tip goes out to all the mamas with kids who are bummed they are missing their Valentine’s parties at school this year. I’ve tried to tell my kids over the past year “we can complain or we can get creative”. And my creative fix for the Valentine’s party is a Valentine Scavenger hunt. You’re going to need some Valentine’s cards and if your kiddos still want to make their Valentine’s boxes to store their cards, go for it! Write on the cards the traits you love about your kids then hide them around the house (or outside if you weather permits). Once you’ve collected all the cards, have them read each one so they’re sure to know all the traits you love about them. Awwww, right?

If you have a family fun tip to share, be sure to DM or tag me on Instagram at Business Savvy Mama. And don’t forget to pick up my FREE Monthly Family Fun Bucket list below so you can schedule plenty of family fun doing activities you love with the people you love. Because remember, having fun with your family is self-care and self-care is an essential part of being a successful mom entrepreneur. So be sure to pick up your Family Fun Bucket List by clicking the link below.

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