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Rose Lounsbury – 5 Questions with a Mom Entrepreneur

Meet Simplicity Coach Rose Lounsbury…

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I’m back with another “5 Questions with a Mom Entrepreneur”. Today I’m featuring my dear friend, simplicity coach Rose Lounsbury. Rose and I met when we started our entrepreneurial journeys as professional organizers. It’s been so great to watch her business grow and change into what it is today. And our relationship shows the major importance of joining a community and meeting other mom entrepreneurs. Support is EVERYTHING!

Rose Lounsbury is a keynote speaker, coach, and Amazon bestselling author who helps busy people live happier lives by owning less stuff. After blogging about her personal journey toward a simpler lifestyle, Rose was inspired to leave her classroom teaching job and help others create more meaningful lives through simplicity. Rose spends her days speaking, writing, coaching her clients and online students to the joy of open spaces, and soaking up the moments with her husband and wild triplets in lovely Dayton, Ohio. If you want to know how many towels she owns, you can watch her TEDx Talk, which has over 400,000 views. Rose’s advice has been featured on, and she’s been a guest on Good Day Columbus, WYSO, WVXU, Good Morning Cincinnati, and Living Dayton.

You can listen to my chat with Rose at the link above. Or get an overview of her answers and connect with her below.

1. What do you do in your business and why did you choose it?

I am a keynote speaker, author, and simplicity coach. I help busy people get more joy, balance, and wellness in their lives
through simplicity. I chose to do this because I found a great freedom in my own personal life when I embraced
simplicity about eight years ago.

2. What is your greatest strength when it comes to running your business?

My greatest strength is my humor, teacher’s heart, and desire for personal growth and reflection.

Rose Lounsbury - Simplicity Coach - Business Savvy Mama Podcast

3. What is the area entrepreneurship where you could grow the most?

The area where I could grow most is in delegating and trusting others to help me.

4. If you were to start your business over today, what piece of advice or lesson learned would you
emphasize to yourself?

You can always figure it out! Trust.

5. What is your best advice for balancing business and home life or creating intentional family time?

Let go of the idea that you will ever find a perfect balance between home and work life. Embrace your life exactly as it is, as messy as it is, and find joy wherever you are. But on a practical note… Use time blocks and hire a babysitter!

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