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This is Why Your Procrastination Affects Motivation

Ever wonder how your procrastination affects your motivation?

On the podcast this week we discussed “How to Stop Avoiding the Hard Stuff”. But crossing tasks off our to-do list isn’t just about accomplishment. What we do (or don’t do) impacts our mental and physical health. Not to mention our bottom line as business owners. And yet, procrastination is rampant among entrepreneurs. That’s why in our BSM Aftershow deep dive we are talking how procrastination affects motivation and success as a mompreneur.

Did you catch the accompanying podcast? Need a refresher?

Click here to listen to “How to Stop Avoiding the Hard Stuff” …

For this week’s chat about how procrastination affects motivation, we are discussing:

  1. How procrastination impacts your mind.
  2. Discovering why you need to do something and why you’re avoiding it
  3. Simple steps to motivate yourself to get it done.

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