Business Savvy Mama Podcast for Mompreneurs

The Business Savvy Mama Podcast for Mompreneurs

Ready to ditch the burnout and start feeling blissful as a mompreneur?

Join Christy Lingo, 2-time entrepreneur & mom-to-2 for this podcast for mompreneurs designed with simple action steps to help define healthy boundaries, create simple systems, improve productivity & time management, and identify priorities in both work and home life.

After over a decade of experience as an entrepreneur, I have learned a thing or two about balancing work and home life. That’s why I used this podcast for mompreneurs…to help moms like you to grow their business, increase their revenue, and spend plenty of quality, intentional family time.

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Feeling overwhelmed? Confused about how to set boundaries? Struggling with time management? Wondering what to work on when you finally have time to work?

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