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How to Make Time for Self Care as a Mompreneur

How in the wide, wide world of motherhood are you supposed to make time for self care as a mom business owner?

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Do you make time for self care? I say “make time” because I hear over and over that people don’t HAVE time. Maybe you overschedule work and over-commit to activities. Maybe you put the needs of your spouse, children, clients, team, dog, or whoever else before you because that feels like how it’s supposed to be done. You know, you’ll get around to self-care eventually. But what happens when you don’t have anything left to give. Depression? Anxiety? Burnout? Arguments? Resentment? Divorce? Well, that doesn’t sound so good.

That is exactly why we are talking “How to Make Time for Self-Care as a Mompreneur”. As a 2 time entrepreneur and mom to 2 boys, I know how difficult it is to make time for yourself. This is why I’ve created six simple steps to help you work a little self-care into your routine without feeling like you need to dedicate the time you don’t have. Or spend money you feel like is not there. Making these small shifts will help you make the time and help you realize how crucial taking care of you is to creating a more successful business and home life.

Katie Reed, a writer and mom blogger who focuses on mental health said “Self care is giving the world the best of you instead of what’s left of you.” Well, hot damn! If that that’s not a big reality slap across the face. And so true! Self care encourages you to create a healthy relationship nurturing yourself so you can in turn give the best of yourself to your family, your friends, your clients, your business, the list goes on.

When you make self-care a priority to make the time for it, rather than trying to have the time for it, you to can give the best of you to the world.

So often as a mom, you put your needs on the back burner. You perceive an expectation that you are required to do it all, be it all, achieve it all…whatever all is…and all without taking the time to care for ourselves. Or that the main-pedi we receive for Mother’s Day once a year is supposed to make up for the 364 days of putting it all out there.

Why You Need to Make Time for Self Care

You may be thinking “yeah, Christy. I would love to take more time for myself. But when? Do I cut out my children’s activities? Stop meeting with clients? Cut back on my marketing? Sleep less? Stop eating?” I get it. It can seem like there is just no where to fit it in.

But rather than start with the when, which we will get to, I want you to start with the why. Creating a lifestyle where you care for you helps to maintain your health and promote a healthy lifestyle to your family. It can help you prevent disease or cope better with an illness you might be experiencing. Not to mention, when you take care of you, you are must less likely to experience burnout, overwhelm, depression, anxiety, or flying off the handle at 7am when your child merely asks for a lunch treat that you haven’t had a chance to pick up for the store yet. (Does it sound like I’m speaking from experience on that one? Yeah, might have done that once or twice.)

On a daily basis you will engage in behaviors that enhance your mental, physical, and emotional health. Which in turn can help you work more productively, focus better, solve more problems with ease, and maintain solid relationships.

And speaking of relationships, when you give the best of you instead of the rest of you, your kids notice. Your spouse notices. Your clients notice. While they may not say it, they know that the quality of their relationship with you has improved because the quality of your relationship with your self has improved.

How to Make Time for Self Care

So we discussed your why. Why you need to make the time to take care of you. Now for the how. Here are you six simple ways to make more time for self care…

  1. Recognize what you are already doing that you enjoy. Chances are, you are already engaging in activities that could be considered self-care. They’ve just become so routine that you don’t see them as the textbook definition of self care which is “taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness”. Back in July, I did an episode called “How to Instantly Find More Fun as a Mompreneur” (click here to listen to that episode). In it, I talked about finding fun in the same vein as seeing abundance. If you just live your life without recognizing how abundant you are or having gratitude for what you have, you will constantly think you need more. But when you start to recognize all you have around you, you open yourself up to receive even more. And the same can be true when it comes to your self-care.  Do you read books you love before bed? Buy a face cream or lotion that makes you feel good? Have regular date nights with your spouse or family nights with your kids? When activities become routine, it’s easy to forget that they help you improve your mood and mental health. Next time, stay present and recognize how spending this time is truly a form of caring for you.
  2. Find tiny moments. There’s been a bastardization of self-care over the years. It took self care from doing things that help you support your well-being to spa day or girls trips. And believe me, I am not knocking spa days or girls’ trips. But those activities have a short lived impact on your overall well-being and happiness. What will really have an effect is finding ways to care for you regularly. Like waking earlier so you can meditate, journal, read a book, or just drink your cup of coffee in quiet. Doing a 10 minute dance work out video on YouTube. Listening to you favorite podcast. Eating your favorite take out once a week so you don’t have to stress over dinner to have a meal you enjoy. Find the tiny things you can do that nurture you. And remember to recognize that you are purposefully doing this tiny act to take care of you.
  3. Declutter your schedule. Number 3 and number 4 go hand in hand. First, you are going to declutter your schedule to make the time you need. I know it can feel like there is nothing that could possibly go so then it becomes a matter of priorities. Is it more important to take care you so you can be your best for the people in your life? Or is it more important to do whatever else you’ve committed to on your schedule? When I start working with coaching clients, we complete a time tracker. I want to see where they are spending their time so we can budget that time better based on their priorities and values. The time tracker is always a HUGE eye opener in terms of where they thought they had no time. And what they actually spend their time on. Check out your schedule and see if there are places you can delete activities to make time for you.
  4. Schedule It. So you’re deleted or decreased time spent on other activities? Now you need to schedule the time for the activities that do contribute to your well-being and happiness. Just like a doctor’s appointment or a work meeting, if you put it in writing or on a digital calendar, you are much more likely to follow through than if you just think “I have an open hour Tuesday afternoon. I’ll self care then”. You need to block it out to make it happen.
  5. Set Boundaries. And once you have it on your schedule, you need to fiercely protect that time by setting boundaries. Don’t allow your client call to go over. Shut the door to say to your family “this is mommy time”. Turn off your cell phone so you aren’t distracted while you’re playing a board game with the family. Or out with your girlfriends. Set boundaries to protect your self-care time for what it is…time to help you focus on your well-being and happiness.
  6. Ask for help. And finally, if you are still struggling to make time for self-care, you need to share your needs. And ask for help. Whether it’s a spouse or a family member or a friend, explain your struggle along with why you need this time and space. For instance, say to your spouse “I really need to make time to workout 3-4 time per week. Let’s work out a schedule where you can watch the kids on x, y, and z day”. Or with a friend you might say “I would love to do a sitting swap with you so we can both get a little alone time”. Asking for help can feel akward and hard. But if you keep doing the hard things, they eventually become the easy things. Not a single one of the successful entrepreneurs you look up to have done it alone. Not a single one. So the sooner you can ask for help in taking care of your most important asset as a business owner…AKA you…the more you’re on your way to being a successful entrepreneur just like them.

You’re action step to finally make time for self care as a mompreneur is to incorporate the six simple steps we talked about in today’s episode. Start by recognizing activities you already do that contribute to your well-being and happiness. Then find tiny moments throughout the day where you can dedicate 5-10 minutes to you. Next declutter your schedule of anything that doesn’t align with your values that can go. Instead, schedule time that will help to fill your cup. And finally, set boundaries around activities you consider self care to reap the full benefit of that time spent. And if you are still struggling to make the time, ask for help. The people around you that love and support you want to help. Don’t deny them their opportunity to help you be a better you.

Still feeling like you just don’t know what to do for self-care? Like you don’t have a good support system? Or you just couldn’t possibly find time in your schedule? I’d love to help you tackle those tasks. You can sign up today for a free 15 minute clarity call by clicking the link below. Let’s discuss how I can help you find time for you along with managing your time for work better. Then you can have plenty leftover for doing what you love with who you love.

Ready to experience better mental, physical, and emotional health without sacrificing additional time and energy? Let’s jump on a free, no-obligation 15-minute clarity call to see how I can help you experience more fun & fulfillment in your work and home life.


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