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How to Limit Distractions to Increase Productivity

Looking for an easy, effective way to increase productivity?

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Try thinking about what we can stop rather than what we can start. Which is why today’s topic is limiting distractions. Limiting distractions is key to increase productivity. And it is helpful for anyone who finds themselves unfocused or interrupted in their workflow. So basically every single mom who has ever tried to anything ever. 🤷‍♀️

But the good news is, if you recognize your distractions and limit those distractions, you will see your productivity skyrocket. The steps I give you today not only tell you how to limit distractions but help you recognize what is distracting. And why it’s important for it to stop.

A study by George Mason University in 2014 found not only did distractions increase the time it took to complete work but also the quality of work output. And if you’re juggling work-home life like I’m juggling work-home life, I cannot afford for things to take more time or need reworked.

And yet, how many times have I found myself at the end of a work session wondering where the time went. Or why didn’t I get more done or what can’t I ever seem to get ahead.

By implementing the strategies I give you today, you’ll be knocking tasks off your to-do list left and right because your work blocks will be focused and in the zone. You will feel accomplished at the end of the day rather than constantly moving tasks to the next day. And, of course, getting more quality work done efficiently benefits your family because mom can stay present during family time. And when she’s away from work because work is DONE!

How to Limit Distractions to Increase Productivity

So what is my strategy…it’s so simple. Ready…make yourself aware when something pulls your focus. Then take the steps to stop or delay that distraction. Yep. It’s that easy.

And I get that we all realize that social media or crying kids pull our focus…But have we taken the time to truly recognize that it is preventing us from getting work done? Have we thought about a solution to prevent the distraction from happening again? Or do we just think “oops, I got sucked into Instagram again…guess I better get back to work.”

You need to identify AND problem solve. If you notice social media pulls your attention, you could turn off notifications, delete the app from your phone, or maybe even leave your phone in another room away from your workspace in order to avoid possible temptation. (Full disclosure…this is a tactic I often employ in the evenings to prevent social media from distracting me from family time.)

Or perhaps your distraction is a cluttered workspace. Do your eyes wander to a pile of unopened mail or papers to file instead of the work you need to do? Your solution may be to open and deal with mail when it comes in the house. Or make it a point to file your papers at the end of the day.

Do your children seem to need more of your attention in the afternoon? Maybe take time before a focused afternoon work session to read a book. Or play a quick game with your kids before you’d like them to play independently.

Whatever it is that distracts you, take a moment to recognize the pull of your attention. Then create a solution to prevent it from happening again. If at first, your solution doesn’t succeed, try again. This is what will increase your productivity. The distractions won’t magically disappear. But by actively working to reduce interruptions you can work more focused and get more done.

Today’s action step to help you limit distractions and increase productivity is to recognize what distracts you. Take time out, write it down, and make yourself fully aware of what pulls your focus. Then brainstorm possible solutions to limit those distractions. Talk to other business owners or moms you know. Chances are if you’re struggling with a distraction, someone else is too. They may have a solution you haven’t thought of. And you can always reach out to me for help creating a solution.

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