Lets Work Less - Business Savvy Mama Podcast Aftershow

Want to Work Less? Focus on Priority Tasks.

Who wants to work less and still see results?

Who wouldn’t want to, right? And it may sound like a pipe dream if you’ve been running on empty for so long, but I can guarantee you that when you focus your time, energy, and effort on tasks that truly matter for your business, you will see growth. And have something left in the tank for your life outside work.

Did you catch the accompanying podcast? Need a refresher?

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On today’s aftershow, we discuss how to work less because:

  1. When you start gaining momentum by working on your priority tasks, you can shorten your to-do list…all while growing your community and making more money.
  2. When you are able to complete your “urgent” or “important” tasks, you can shut down your mom brain more easily. This is great if you have sick kids, need time off, or just want to end your workday.
  3. When you start to focus your energy on priority tasks, you develop a workflow. This flow helps you work less because the tasks work together to get you towards your goals. Rather than spreading your time, energy, and effort in multiple directions.

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