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How to Begin to Balance Your Hormones as a Mompreneur

Do you know how to balance your hormones?

Or how your hormones effect your daily life? Not just once a month or when you’re pregnant. But how to balance your hormones to maintain the day in/day out functions. And fluxuations that affect your mood, your weight, your appetite, and your energy levels. This is an area I’ve become more interested in since my breast cancer diagnosis and that’s why I wanted to bring Laura Martire on to the podcast.

Laura is a registered holistic nutritionist and the founder of Laura Martire Holistic Wellness. She specializes in women’s hormone health and through her own journey to wellness knows firsthand how simple changes, a shift in my mindset, and a commitment to prioritizing your health can make all the difference in being on the path to feeling your absolute best.

Laura Martire - Balance Your Hormones - Business Savvy Mama Podcast

Highlights from How to Balance Your Hormones

  1. Tell me a little about what you do and how you got started?  In 2016 left my career to care for my father full time following a cancer diagnosis. After his passing, I was at my lowest point health-wise and was dealing with hormone issues and digestive issues and I as began the process of healing I ended up going down the path of holistic nutrition.  I loved it so much that I decided to go back to school and open my own practice. Now I help support other women in taking charge of their health and understanding how their habits contribute to their symptoms.   
  2. I know this may be a huge question to answer in a short period of time, but can you explain what our hormones are and what their function is? In a nutshell, hormones are chemical messengers in our bodies. They help coordinate functions like sleep, metabolism, mood, hunger, energy, etc.   They play a role in just about everything so when they become imbalanced it can really have an impact on how you feel.   
  3. What can cause a hormone imbalance?  Lots of things…from the foods you eat to how you manage stress. From dieting and gut health to your skincare products and home cleaning products. So much can contribute to issues with your hormones. This is why I love a holistic approach to health as it takes into account not only what you eat, but also your daily habits and routines. 
  4. What are some of the signs we should look for that indicate a hormone imbalance?  Signs you need to balance your hormones might include low energy, low libido, hair loss, acne, stubborn weight or weight gain, brain fog, cravings, disrupted sleep, and mood swings. 
  5. What are some things we can do at home if we know we’ve experienced some of the causes of hormone imbalance or we start to see the symptoms of imbalance?  Try to manage your stress. Prepare well-balanced meals and seek out good nutrition. Eat foods that keep your blood sugar in balance. Stay aware of what’s in the products you are using. And try to move your body daily.

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Rapid Fire Questions for Laura

  1. Are you a morning person or a night owl? 100% a morning person.
  2. What is your favorite activity to do with your family? Going for a nice long walk or a hike.
  3. What is your favorite activity to do without your family? Read a book.
  4. Best book you’ve read or listened to recently? Under the Stars (novel).
  5. Tool or hack that makes your mom life or work life easier? As a nutritionist, meal prep. Making sure I’ve got my fridge and cupboards stocked with healthy ingredients I can use to pull together an easy meal.

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