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Jess Copacia – 5 Questions with a Mom Entrepreneur

Meet Empowerment Coach for Moms Jess Copacia…

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Jess is a coach who gives women permission to start putting themselves first! She believes women’s voices often become quieted by mom guilt and society’s opinion of what a wife or mom should look like. This “quieting”  causes women to lose themselves and may lead to unhappiness, overwhelm, stagnation, anxiety and hopelessness. In her Straighten Your Crown program, she encourages women to awaken that inner voice and start taking action to become the QUEEN they were meant to be!

Jess is a mother to two amazing girls, wife, pediatric nurse practitioner and newbie entrepreneur. She would consider her family an “adventurous family”, always looking for ways to get out of the house and have fun! Both of her daughters love playing outside, and are involved in multiple sports. They are little fish in the summer and very competitive board gamers. As a mother, Jess prides herself on making each day a little silly, this may include blaring music while cleaning, having a dance-off or playing hide-and-seek in the dark with glow sticks. She believes the best childhood memories come from the unexpected silly moments, the ones filled with belly laughing and not so much on the ones we weigh so heavily as mothers.

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You can listen to my conversation with Jess Copacia at the link above. Or get an overview below.

1. What do you do in your business and why did you choose it?

I coach fierce mommas on how to stop allowing mom guilt to trap them in a life where their dreams become limited or worse, nonexistent. I use the term mom guilt to explain the phenomena women find themselves in, after checking the boxes off the “life to-do list” and still finding themselves somehow very unhappy. This is because they have allowed their inner badass to become silenced by the fear of not being good enough.

As a nurse practitioner, I have always loved the coaching aspect of medicine. Whether I am coaching a teenager going through chemotherapy, that anxiety is expected or coaching a parent during an illness their child may be going through. I also have always been that person who never turned down a chance to coach one of my friends through a tough time or big life decision. I think I have always had an inner “tug” for the underdog. That individual who needs someone to show them they are definitely not alone. I often tell my clients everyone has “downs” in their life. But it is how you turn it around and use it for fuel that makes life so amazing. My life could be considered blessed from the outside…But I too have gone through things that I would have never predicted.

A few years ago, I found myself with my “to-do list” boxes checked but still unhappy. I was married, successful in my career and had two children but still unfulfilled. I realized that I was no longer REALLY living the way I wanted but living by the expectations of others and giving everything to everyone else. It was through my own journey of straightening my crown and becoming the inner queen I knew was still in there, I realized I could help others do the same thing.

2. What is your greatest strength when it comes to running your business?

Passion! Without passion for a career there is no meaningful reward. Yes, you can make money in a career that you aren’t passionate about but that career soon becomes a job and you start to resent the work. A career that you are passionate about, fuels the soul and keeps you at your best!

3. What is the area of entrepreneurship where you could grow the most?

Realizing the path is winding and confusing. And that’s ok. Again, many of us are programmed to depend on career benchmarks, follow guidelines and our boss to tell us we are doing a good job. However, when it comes to entrepreneurship there is no roadmap and only yourself cheering you on! That was a big adjustment for me and I had to realize my passion is what matters and what I should remain focused on.

4. If you were to start your business over today, what piece of advice or lesson learned would you emphasize to yourself?

Holding back only delays success. The fear of what others may think or judgment, made me play it safe in the beginning. Instead of just putting it out there and being my authentic self, instead, I slowly eased into it. I now realize people crave authenticity.

5. What is your best advice for balancing business and home life or creating intentional family time?

Intentional planning! Each week I sit down with my husband and go over a game plan. We talk which days I will need more “me time” for getting goals reached. And what time he needs for his week. The children, are obviously the main focus and driving factor in our daily routine but I have learned by focusing on what makes us happy first, in turns makes the family function better as a whole! I feel most parents (especially moms), take that focus and create a habit of ALWAYS making their children come first.

This habit, is what often creates unease or unhappiness in our lives. I believe parents need to first focus on their journey. Making time for personal goals or hobbies brings happiness, contentment, and being present for their children. I always coach that “it isn’t about the quantity of time with your children, it is about the quality of time”. When constantly putting your children first, you show up drained, frazzled, and resentful. And annoyed and the amount of time you spend isn’t enjoyable. By having your own life goals/dreams, you show up more energized, refreshed, and excited to spend time with your children…Making the time spent QUALITY! Kids will always remember how you show up, not how many times you show up!

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