Jennifer Hatton - Digital Marketing Strategist -5 Questions with a Mom Entrepreneur

Jennifer Hatton – 5 Questions with a Mom Entrepreneur

Meet Digital Marketing Strategist Jennifer Hatton…

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For this week’s “5 Questions with a Mom Entrepreneur” I chat with Jennifer Hatton, Digital Marketing Strategist and founder of Concept Evolution. I met Jennifer through the Small Business Moms Monthly Facebook Group.

Jennifer is a mom to 3 ages 21, 8 and 3. She works from home and while balancing homeschool with her youngest boys. She also has one son with severe food allergies so she is constantly navigating life in a bit of a different way. Meal prep and cooking from scratch are huge parts of her routine.

Jennifer is an effective and dedicated Digital Media Specialist and Strategist with more than a decade of experience and achievement.  She understands the difficulties clients face in modern social media, and has a proven track record of developing strategies to navigate what can seem like a complicated environment.  Such insight allows her to evolve her clients’ existing social media presence for maximum impact.  Time and again, she has carefully crafted new content, skillfully managed channels, and met crises with composure – all in the pursuit of helping her clients spark genuine relationships with their customers and other businesses.

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You can listen to my chat with Jennifer at the link above. Or get an overview of her answers and connect with her below.

1. What do you do in your business and why did you choose it?

I started helping a non profit I loved with social media and the ended up leaving my full-time job when I was pregnant with my second. I have been working for myself ever since. Wild ride but worth it.

2. What is your greatest strength when it comes to running your business?

Being organized and switching between roles.

Jennifer Hatton - 5 Questions with a Mom Entrepreneur

3. What is the area entrepreneurship where you could grow the most?

Being more visible. I’m great at promoting other people but I prefer behind the scenes. But I know I need to put myself out there as part of my brand.

4. If you were to start your business over today, what piece of advice or lesson learned would you emphasize to yourself? 

Take this job seriously. You are a real business. Act like it from the beginning. Get an accountant. Hire for the things you are not good at. If you take it seriously, other people will take it seriously.

5. What is your best advice for balancing business and home life or creating intentional family time? 

Scheduling, picking priorities, planning, delegating…And embrace the crazy. It may not always look perfect and that’s ok. It’s your crazy.

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