How to Balance Home Responsibilities to Find Time for Yourself

How to Balance Home Responsibilities to Find Time for Yourself

Ever feel like you do it all?

Are you ever resentful that you have no time and energy left for yourself? Because you’re absolutely worn out from all the work you do for your family and your business. I know I’ve done my share of hate cleaning when I feel this way. 🤣 And I figured a few of you might have felt this way too. That’s why I’ve brought on Jannine Mackinnon to talk about balancing home responsibilities so you can have more time and mental space for self-care.

Jannine is a mom to 2 from Victoria, British Columbia and the founder of Unapologetic Motherhood, a community where you have access to monthly content on topics like cannabis, sex, finances, women’s health, relationships, and so much more. She is cutting through the shit to talk about the real things impacting everyday moms.

Jannine Mackinnon - Balancing Home Responsibilities - Business Savvy Mama Podcast

Highlights from Balancing Home Responsibilities…

  • Tell me a little about what you do and how you got started? As I transitioned into motherhood, I wasn’t finding information about topics I was researching readily available. That’s why I continued to pivot in my business. To become a resource for topics like cannabis, women’s health and anatomy, sex, finances, and relationships.
  • Why do you think (or do you hear) that moms feel like they have to do it all? Where is that messaging from? I think it comes from all over. From when we’re kids in our homes. From social media where we are constantly bombarded with messages about how to do things “right”. Part of the struggle in balancing home responsibilities is our own fault. We absorb these messages and start to do it all. And because we are doing it all, we establish a status quo that other members of the household follow.
  • How do you think we can start to break the cycle? Two parts…doing your own thinking and reflecting and then having a conversation. Communicating our needs to our partner. I always encourage moms to look at ways they can lessen their load. For example…if you are the primary person responsible for making and serving dinner, ask for help in setting the table.
  • Some of the conversations you need to have may be scary or uncomfortable. What do you say to the moms who feel like they want the extra time and mental space you’re talking about but lack the confidence to go after it? Think of giving your spouse or partner a roadmap. Often, they won’t see what you think is obvious. More often than not, if you ask for specific help, they are willing to help. Also, use a “soft start” to your conversation instead of coming from a place of anger or resentment. Use phrases like “I’m feeling…..” or “I’ve been thinking about how I need help…”. And remember to schedule check-ins so you don’t find the family returning to status quo.
  • Finally, what are some of the greatest benefits you’ve experienced or seen in your community when moms take steps towards more self-care or personal pursuits? Having regular conversations and check-ins with your partner will strengthen your relationship. And when you lessen your mental load, your stress levels go down and your patience goes up. You’re able to stay more present with your family. You’ll feel happier and more fulfilled when you are able to have the time to do what interests you.

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Rapid Fire Questions for Jannine

  1. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Used to be night, now it’s morning.
  2. What is your favorite activity to do with your family? Be in the forest.
  3. What is your favorite activity to do without your family? Be quiet outside.
  4. Best book you’ve read or listened to recently? The Rebel’s Apothecary by Jenny Sansouci
  5. Tool or hack that makes your mom life or work life easier? Automation.

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