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3 Simple Steps to Reboot Your Habits

Which one of your habits needs a reboot?

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It’s the end of summer…mostly likely we all have habits that need a little reboot. Maybe it’s our schedule. Or our eating habits. Maybe it’s our morning routine or weekly email newsletter.

The idea for this episode came to me because I have been dragging my feet to purchase a new computer. I keep telling myself I’ll get to it or I don’t have time to research what I need. But my less than optimal laptop is really starting to cut into my efficiency. As a result, the constant restarts, error messages, and lock-ups wreak havoc on my productivity. I find myself utilizing the “Ctrl-Alt-Delete” process more often than I like to get my laptop back up and running. It made me wonder if I need to enact a little more “Ctrl-Alt-Delete” in my everyday life too…

Hitting “Ctrl-Alt-Delete” to reboot our habits helps us take the very best parts of what was working before while finding alternatives and deleting the parts that didn’t work. It’s a chance to start again and do it better.

Can you can set aside time to go over what worked in your previous habit effort? Can you dedicate a few minutes to finding a different solutions or scrapping time & energy sucking actions that may have contributed to you getting off track? Then you too can successfully reboot your habits.

So often when we get off track, we throw the towel in completely. Or think we have to reinvent the wheel to start the habit again. “Well Weight Watchers didn’t work so I better go Keto this time.” But it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Especially if there parts or pieces in your previous efforts that you enjoyed or would like to maintain.

And you may be thinking “I just don’t have time to think about all that. I barely have time to start a habit…Let alone evaluate what worked and what didn’t.”

But taking the time to investigate what worked before will help show you your previous success. Figuring out different solutions to what didn’t work helps you problem-solve for those bumps in the road. And deleting unnecessary actions helps you focus you time and energy on what will actually help you maintain the habit.

With a few minutes effort, you will have a clear idea of the daily effort you need to invest to make a change…no matter what area. It works for personal habits like exercise and diet, business habits like posting consistently on social media, or family habits like having a weekly game night.

And typically, the habits we are making help us show up as our best selves. When we make these positive changes, we feel more self-confident, happier, and accomplished. Pre-planning strategies for what threw us off in the past gives us confidence to continue. Because we already know how to handle stopped us before.

Steps to Reboot Your Habits

So how about it…are you ready to reboot your habits? Here’s how you can Ctrl-Alt-Delete your life

Control your activities

Find Alternate ways to get things done

Delete unnecessary tasks

In controlling your activities, you need to be more aware of what you are doing or adding to you schedule. Is it adding value to your business or family life? Is it something that you enjoy doing or that will contribute positively to your habit? You have the power to say “yes” or “no” to your schedule.

In finding alternate ways to get things done, can you delegate tasks you don’t have time for? Can you delay an unnecessary task until later because it isn’t a priority?

And can you delete unnecessary tasks? Try to stop doing the things that aren’t moving you forward or giving you a return on investment for your time. Your time is precious. You shouldn’t waste it doing something you hate, that’s unnecessary, or that won’t get you closer to your goal.

Here’s an example of how to reboot your habit…let’s use creating an end time for your work day as an example. You can control your activities by focusing on your priority tasks and doing them first. This ensures when your work day ends, you have that work done. And you don’t feel the pull to keep working which cuts into family time.

If you find there are too many tasks for one day, can you find alternative ways to complete them. Hire a VA, find a system to automate email responses or schedule appointments on your calendar. Maybe create a system or checklist so you don’t have to constantly recreate the wheel.

And finally, delete any unnecessary tasks. This might mean looking at your to-do list and eliminating anything that isn’t paramount to reaching your goal. It could also mean deleting social media apps or notifications to help you work more focused.

You controlled your tasks. Then you found alternative ways to get your work done during your work hours. And finally you deleted any tasks or distractions that might prevent you from ending work so you can focus on your family. That is a successful reboot of your habit.

Today I want you to take a habit you’d like to reboot and apply the ctrl-alt-delete steps to it. Control your activities. Find Alternate ways to get things done. Delete unnecessary tasks. Taking just a few minutes to plan ahead will pay dividends going forward in the maintenance of your renewed habit. And while you’re here, let me know what habit you’ll be rebooting.

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