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How Eating the Frog Helps You Get More Done

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What in the world is eating the frog?!? 🐸🐸🐸

And how can it possibly help me get more done???

Let’s finish up our week of tips for balancing work at home with homeschool with a little talk about priorities. Eating the frog kind of priorities. Yes, eating a frog. And no, I haven’t completely lost my mind. <Ribbit>

The term “eat the frog” comes from the quote…

“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.”

Mark Twain

I can’t imagine there’s a lot of you who would enjoy eating a frog. And if you do, I’m not judging. But if your job depends on you doing something that you aren’t very motivated to do but needs doing (because it means you’ll make more money, get more clients, or serve your community)…do that thing first. And this same logic can apply to those homeschool assignments that your kids may not be so excited to do.

Eating the frog ensures you get the tasks you NEED to do but don’t WANT to do done. And off your to-do list. No more spinning your wheels doing things for your business that won’t actually move you forward. No more kids realizing at 9pm they have a report due tomorrow but they put it off all day. Eat the frog. Then move on to the tasks you’ll enjoy doing. Usually with a clearer mind and the satisfaction in knowing you got the task you’ve been dreading finished.

You succeed at eating the frog when you’re aware of what needs finished. By knowing your priority tasks. And dedicating yourself to completing those tasks first.

Need tips on figuring out those priority tasks? Click here to check out last week’s episode about TRIM-ing your to-do list.

Often, we are really good at making a to-do list. But then focus on what we want to do. Or what would be the most fun. Or what would be the least work. Taking the extra step to identify your priority task, even if it isn’t your favorite thing to do, ensures the most important tasks are completed to move your business forward. Or that your child’s important assignment is complete.

So if you ever catch yourself wondering why you feel like you work all the time but aren’t seeing results…it may be time to eat the frog. Does your kid always tells you about a big report or assignment at the last minute? It might be time for them to eat the frog.

Complete your urgent and important tasks first to help clear up time and brain space for the things you like to do. Or want to do. You’ll feel less stressed and make more money because you are focusing first on the tasks that will generate revenue. Or grow your community. For your kids, they will learn to get the tasks they hate to do out of the way. And learning to create a prioritized list of tasks is a life skill that benefits them when mom isn’t around. You know, to make sure they get those frogs eaten in college and beyond.

And when you focus on eating the frog, you’ll feel less stressed looking at your to-do list. Imagine a list of 7 tasks, 3 of which you are dreading to do. If you knock those 3 out first, the other 4 tasks will be much easier for you to tackle. You’ll feel more motivated to finish your list rather than letting those tasks you’re dreading hang out until tomorrow.

And when those important tasks we need to do for our work or school life are done clients are happier. Teachers are happier. Our bank accounts are happier. And really the family, in general, is happier.

So as you sit down to create your list of to-do’s, whether it is a daily list, a weekly list. Whether the list is for your business, your child’s school, or just a list of chores around the house…figure out which tasks are your frogs. The tasks you must do for your job in order to generate more revenue. Or serve your clients in an immediate way. The assignments that will have the greatest impact on your child’s grades or education. The household tasks that you’ve been avoiding but are necessary and important. Find your frog and eat it first thing. You’ll be happy you did. And if it’s hard to swallow, ketchup makes nearly everything better.

Your eating the frog action step is to pick that one urgent and important task from your to-do list that you dread doing. And do it first. Make a conscious effort when you look at your list to identify any resistance around those urgent and important tasks. And that same applies as you create a daily list with your kids…encourage them to complete work for the subjects the like least out of the way first. Then they can focus that waning, late day energy on things they prefer. I’d love to hear what frogs you’re eating. Drop me a comment below to let me know what’s on your list.

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