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How to Create a Plan for Goal Setting Success

Have you made a goal setting plan yet?

If not, I’ll make sure you make one today. Because when we take the time to plot the steps it takes to reach the goals we’ve set out, we see a clear path from where we are now to where we want to go.

Making a change, especially a major change, can feel exciting at first. But when that initial energy wanes, a clearly defined path helps you to continue to move forward rather than wasting the energy on indecision or overwhelm.

Take the time now, while these goals are fresh and you are feeling super motivated, to plot your path. To figure out your first steps. And maybe even to problem solve for predictable bumps along the route. Then you, too, can increase your likelihood to succeed.

Up until now, when you sit down to write goals at the beginning of the year or whenever you write your goals, you might simply say “I want to increase my membership to 100 members”. Or “I want to lose 25 lbs”. You may even brainstorm some ways to market yourself to a new audience. Or meal plan for healthy food. But without a long term strategy or plan, it is easy to lose momentum.

And right now, that momentum is high. But honestly, raise your hand if you say to yourself “this time it will be different. This time I will stick to it. This time I’m ready.” And then life gets in the way. Or maybe you get in the way of yourself.

Creating a clear path for you to reach your goal helps you know what your next step will be when you feel overwhelmed. You don’t have to know how you’ll lose all 25 pounds, just how you’ll lose 2 lbs this week. You don’t need to figure out where 100 people will come for your group, just where you can reach the next 5.

A goal setting plan gives you the exact steps you need to take on a daily or weekly basis. Stop wondering how you’re going to jump from A to Z today, and just focus on getting from A to B.

And as we talked about in last week’s episode about knowing your why for wanting to set this goal, so often you are not the only person affected when you succeed. Achieving your goals helps you make more money, have more energy, feel more confident, and show up better for your family and yourself.

How to Create a Plan for Goal Setting Success

So let’s dive into a quick exercise you can do to help create your goal setting plan and succeed at making the positive changes you desire in 2021. The example I’m giving today is for business related goals but you could definitely use this same process for any large goal you’d like to break into smaller, more manageable parts.

To clearly define the path to your goal, start from the goal itself. Let’s take our example of gaining 100 new members in our membership program over the next year….

How many new members do we want to add for each quarter of 2021? Let’s assume we’ll add to our numbers throughout the year. So we will add 15 new members in Q1, 20 in Q2, 25 in Q3 and 40 in Q4.

Next, we’ll look at those 15 members we want to add in Q1. This means we want to add 5 new members in each of January, February, and March. When you break it down weekly, you’ll want to add 1-2 people to your membership each week. Just 1-2 people.

And now, what can you do on a daily basis to nurture your community and bring 1 person into your membership this week. You can do that. You can TOTALLY do that. Like the saying “Think Macro, Act Micro.”

Figure out what those smalls steps you can take on a daily and weekly basis are that can bring you close to your goal. And, here’s the important part, WRITE IT DOWN. You’ve got too much on your plate, mama. You need a record of the steps you’ve created. And after you’ve written it down, it needs to go on your schedule. Bonus points if you share your plan with a coach or accountability buddy to keep you on track. In next week’s episode, we’ll dive deeper into scheduling and accountability in case you need some support around that.

I do want to leave you with one more important step as you create your plan of action and next steps for your 2021 goals. Think about what might trip you up.

Do you have vacations planned?

Does your family participate in sports or other activities?

What are the chances you or someone in your family falls ill?

Think about what has tripped you up in the past. What’s knocked you off your goal setting horse? Then plan how you’ll overcome it this time. Do you need to build in time to reset each month? Do you need accountability? What activities will take you away from your work or make it hard to get back in the rhythm? Know what can sabotage your success and pre-plan a way to stay on track.

So in review..when it comes to goal setting, creating a clear plan helps you break your goal down into more manageable steps. Then you can add those steps to your daily or weekly schedule. A plan also helps you know your next step so you don’t have to waste time and energy trying to figure it out. Time and energy that could be spent taking action instead.

And finally, think about what’s attributed to falling off track in the past. Is there a way you can pre-plan or pre-problem solve for when these challenges arise? And just like knowing your next steps, having that “in case of difficulty plan” in place will save your time and energy. Use that time and energy for the actions to reach your goal, rather than wasting it figuring out how you’re going to get back on track.

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