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How to Choose Your Priority Tasks

Struggling to choose your priority tasks?

I want to help you define your urgent and important tasks. The tasks that will help you feel more accomplished. The tasks that will move your business forward or keep our household running smoothly.

Can you spend more time choosing your tasks based on what needs to be done? Planning for what will move you forward? Then you will see more growth and feel more productive.  Taking the time to schedule and follow through with your priority tasks ensures the urgent and important tasks are complete. Which leaves plenty of time for the fun stuff.

Because so often, we like to lead with the fun stuff. Or we aren’t quite sure what is a priority. So we expend a lot of energy in a lot of different places. This leaves us with very little energy for those tasks that truly will make an impact. Maybe we’re task switching so often that we lose track of what we were working on. Or what was important.  

I was chatting with some of the members of my community about this last week. See if any of this resonates with you… Jessi said “Its the juggle struggle. Making the work, home, school stuff all work together.”  Sarah said “the kids priorities bleed all over my work needs. Maybe it’s boundaries, but they need to succeed at their tasks like schooling”. And Katie said “I think for me it’s just a matter of prioritizing and not get distracted. Focusing on that one thing instead of putting out small fires all day” Any of that sound familiar?

Regularly establishing your priority tasks and creating a specific time to work on them alleviates the stress and overwhelm of trying to juggle all the things. You can work on those urgent and important actions at times your family doesn’t need your attention. Then those truly important, time sensitive, required, impactful, or money related tasks are complete. Plus you free up your mental bandwidth to help your family or for your less urgent and important tasks.

Steps to Choose Your Priority Tasks

And that is why we are going to chat Your Priority Recipe today. These are all the ingredients you will need to create an effective schedule of your priority tasks. Now you can complete what you need to do while having time and brainpower left for your family…And other tasks of lesser importance. To make it even easier for you, I’ve created a free worksheet with all these steps. You can download your copy by clicking the link below.

First, you need to create your to-do list. I like to combine my work and home tasks into one. But if you’d like to keep it separate, you can create two separate lists and then run them both through these steps.

Next, assign a 1 or a 2 to the tasks on your list. Tasks that are 1’s must be done. Get them on your schedule or make time to complete them today. Tasks that are 2’s can wait until the 1’s are complete or another day. And if you aren’t sure if a task would qualify as a 1…I got you.

A few weeks back we talked about how to TRIM your to-do list. This is pivotal in helping you decide if your tasks are 1s or 2s. Here are the questions to ask to determine your #1 tasks:

  • Is it time sensitive or has an approaching due date coming soon?
  • Is it required, meaning it is necessary for your work or home life or there will be a consequence?
  • Will it make an impact positively or negatively on your work, home, family or health?
  • Is it money related, as in it will help you make money or will affect your financial health if it’s not completed?

If you answered “yes” to any of those question, that task is a 1. Place it on your schedule.

Finally, schedule all those urgent important tasks that are 1s. And when you are scheduling, if you know a particular task will require focus, quiet, or extra brainpower, try to schedule them when you can get focus, quiet or extra brainpower. This feeds into that juggle struggle both Sarah and Jessi refer to…they feel pulled between helping their kids with their school work and completing their to-dolist. Get up early and knock out your priority tasks. If you have a spouse or caregiver in your home, try to work on your priority tasks when they are around so your kids can have their questions answered.

And also remember, setting boundaries to complete your work is perfectly ok. If your child’s assignment is NOT on an approaching deadline but your work task is, explain that you will answer their question or give them the help they need in a minute, but right now you need the time and space to complete your work. I’m not saying it will work like magic the first time. But we are all working out this new normal of work/school/home life. Keep your kids in the loop. Explain your need for time to work. Establish a time when you will be available. In time, this communication allows you to complete your priority tasks. And assures your kids you will be able to answer their questions at a time in the near future.

Want an action step to start chosing your priorities? Run your to-do list through the priority recipe…assign a 1 or 2 to each task and get those #1 tasks on your schedule. And if you still aren’t sure if it’s a priority, run it through the TRIM your to-do list flowchart. You can pick up “Your Priority Recipe” and the “TRIM Your To-Do List Flowchart” here.

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