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How to Get Back on Track with Your Morning Routine

What happens when life happens to your morning routine?

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Today we’re talking how to regroup and restart your morning routine when life gets in the way. Or the snooze bar gets in the way. Whichever comes first. But you can salvage your morning routine with a bit of pre-planning for the inevitable backsliding or life happening that may come your way.

I created a past, present, future technique to help revitalize your morning routine…or any habit that may fall by the wayside. Can you identify what tripped you up? Need help creating a new plan or editing your old one to prevent similar backsliding in the future. Can you pre-plan a strategy to keep you going? Read on for more details below. 😉

You may not have thought about planning to fail in order to keep habit going in the past. But I can tell you it works. Your brain likes to be comfortable and stay the same. Whenever you try to get it out of its comfort zone, it sends all kinds of doubt and obstacles your way. It wants to protect its cozy, comfortable state. That’s why we are going to prepare in advance for what our brain could do to stop us and have a plan to succeed ready to go.

The tips in today’s episode are perfect for when you’ve been on a roll with your morning routine and then a kid gets sick. Or you go on vacation. Or you get sick while on vacation. Any number of things that can come up and threaten your morning routine. As a result, you start to convince yourself that a morning routine really wasn’t important or that it wasn’t working for you.

And these problem solving/restart tips will not only work for you recalibrating your morning routine, but the past, present, future way to look at problem solving can also help you for restarting other habits that may have fallen by the wayside. Not to mention, the mindset skill of creating a stopping strategy will benefit you to talk your brain out of quitting other habits you truly want to incorporate into your life.

And showing others, like your kids or your clients, how you can reset or reinvest when you’ve fallen off the wagon can inspire them to do the same. #bonus

Learning from Your Past Morning Routine

When it comes to restarting or reinvesting in a your morning routine habit, I want to help you see the past, present and future. This will help you jump start waking up early again.

Let’s start with the past…Or evaluating what happened to get you off track. When did your morning routine get off track? Was it a vacation? Did you bedtime routine slide and make it harder to wake up? Did you convince yourself that a morning routine wasn’t worth it? Get super clear on what happened to get you off track.

And also, as we look at the past, remember WHY it was you wanted a morning routine. Was it to work more focused? To get work projects done before your kids woke up? To have some time to exercise or read a book for yourself? That why statement is so crucial to remembering what made you start this new habit.

Want some strategy on crafting your why statement?
Check out my episode “Mindset for a Mom Morning Routine” to help you out.

Succeed with Your Present Morning Routine

Next, comes the present…You want to continue the parts of your morning routine that were working. And eliminate what is not. What was working when routine was humming along? What was not working? As you reboot your routine, you don’t have to keep all the parts and pieces that you originally planned. For instance, your morning jog may be better in the evening. Maybe you’re trying to tackle too many to-dos. Don’t feel like you have to go back if it truly isn’t working.

And on the flip side…if something was working well. If it brought you joy, was something you love, or was something you looked forward to every day, be sure you keep doing that.

Preparing for Your Future Morning Routine

Finally, when we look to the future…How can you prepare for future success? I love the term “stopping strategy” which was introduced to me by my coach Emily Williams. It’s essentially pre-planning for those things that trip up and stop you from getting ahead. If we can identify the obstacles beforehand, we can problem solve before we encounter them.

For example, is binge watching Netflix and staying up too late is stopping you from waking early? Then it is essential for you to have a bedtime alarm. Or perhaps a friend who will call and make sure you’re getting ready for bed. Do you hit the snooze too many times because your alarm is on your nightstand? Try keeping your alarm across the room to force you to get up. In other words, figure out from your past what tripped you up and problem solve now for your success.

Does your morning routine or any habit that needs a little kick in the pants to address your past, present and future? Grab your journal or the notes app on your phone and let’s make a plan! To sum up the past, present, future technique, you need to:

  1. Write down your “why” for creating a morning routine.
  2. Record what it was that got you off track.
  3. List what was working and what wasn’t for your morning routine.
  4. What tripped you up or what could potentially stop you in the future? You need to plan for how you would successfully navigate that obstacle. Fill in the blank below:

“If I _________________ (insert the action that stops you), I will ______________ (insert the solution to keep you going.)

And I am here to help you in all aspects of your morning routine. Feel free to drop your question in the comments below. Or share your stopping strategy for a bit of accountability.

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Get to Bed - Business Savvy Mama Podcast

How to Get to Bed Earlier to Wake Up Earlier

I want you to get to bed earlier…

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It is very hard to wake up early if you go to bed late. And trust me, your best morning routine starts the night before. Creating a solid bedtime routine will help you fall asleep quicker, sleep more soundly, and wake up easier and hopefully earlier in the morning.

The mamas who are the most successful start by consistently implementing the steps I will give you today. It helps to wind down their busy minds and prepare for sleep. Believe me, I am not a stranger to going to bed and spending hours trying to quiet my crazy brain. So even if you aren’t planning to wake up at 5am, these tips help you get a better night’s sleep. I dedicated time to your bedtime routine in case you tried waking up early in the past, but found it hard to maintain. Probably because your weren’t starting the night before.

You may think “I’m a night owl, there’s no way I can get to bed earlier”. Or that’s when I get the TV to myself. Or that’s only time I’m able to read because it’s quiet. But when you look at your productivity, the work you are producing, your stress levels trying to work with kids around, or the amount of time you’re dedicating to self-care…which is more important. Watching TV uninterrupted for 3 hours from 9-midnight? Or that you complete important tasks that move your business forward and make you more money first thing in the morning.

Creating a routine that signals “Time to wind down and get to bed” helps you sleep deeper, dream more, and wake refreshed. You mind will feel clearer and more focused the more sleep you get.

And it will make waking up early, whatever early means to you, easier. Getting adequate sleep boosts your immune system and helps with your mental well being. It boosts creativity and memory functions. It sharpens your focus on activities and gives you more energy. Sign me up!

Not to mention everyone in the house benefits from a well-rested, happier, healthier, less stressed, less anxious, more focused, and more productive mama. 🤘🤘🤘

My 6 Tips to Get to Bed Earlier

  1. Set a Bedtime Alarm…First, set a bedtime alarm for 45-60 minutes before you’d like to have lights out. You can use a phone to set an alarm. Or set up a routine on your digital assistant to remind you it’s time to wind down.
  2. Cut off Stimulants…Second, make sure you cut off any caffeine, stimulants or alcohol well before bedtime. These things make it hard for you to fall asleep. And can diminish the quality of your sleep once you get there.
  3. Turn Off Your Screens…Next, turn off the TV and put down your phone 30-60 minutes before bedtime. You might have heard of the hormone melatonin which helps you fall asleep and wake up. The blue light and stimulation from screens disrupt the release of melatonin which helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. Shutting down the screens helps to re-regulate your melatonin release to fall asleep.
  4. Dim the Lights…Dimming the lights or turning off overhead lights as it gets closer to bedtime helps signal sleep to your body. The melatonin in your body naturally responds to it getting darker and in turn, starts prepping you to fall asleep. A great trick if you don’t have dimmer switches in your house is to use a wifi-enabled lightbulb. You can either use your digital assistant and set up a regular routine for the lights to slowly get dimmer. Or you can use your phone to dim you lamp when your bedtime alarm goes off.
  5. Read Fiction…If you are a night time reader, read something that is non-stimulating. Fiction helps your brain wind down and stimulate dreams. Choose it over self-help. You know, a book that’s telling you all the things you need to fix about your life or business. This tip was a game-changer for me.
  6. Create a Calming Ritual…And finally, creating some sort of calming ritual you do to signal to your body it’s time to sleep. It could be a nighttime tea. A skincare routine. A nighttime meditation. Stretching. Pretty much anything that calms your body. Perform it regularly to wind down your mind and body to fall asleep faster and stay asleep. And wake up feeling refreshed.
Get to Bed Earlier - Business Savvy Mama Podcast

Feeling motivated to create a routine to help you get to bed earlier? Start by committing to at least one of today’s steps. Then tell me in the comments which step you’re committing to. I look forward to hearing about your night routine.

And don’t miss my other morning routine post like Mindset Tips for a Mom Morning Routine, 6 Ways to Wake Up Earlier, and What to Do If Your Morning Routine Needs a Kickstart.

Ready to experience better mental, physical, and emotional health without sacrificing additional time and energy? Let’s jump on a free, no-obligation 15-minute clarity call to see how I can help you experience more fun & fulfillment in your work and home life.