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How Being Too Busy Affects Your Brain & Body

Ever wonder how being too busy affects you?

How is all that stress from running from place to place, task to task, activity to activity affecting your mood? Your sense of accomplishment? Or your relationships and sleep patterns?

The answer, in a nutshell, is that it’s just not good. And that is why we are discussing “the why” behind how busy affects you. Because when you find yourself fighting with saying “no” or creating margin like we discussed in this week’s podcast “How to Avoid Overscheduling Your Life”, you can refer back to why it is so crucial to take the steps. So you can protect your mental and physical health. And you can protect your relationships.

Can I stop being too busy?

When you are clear on your “why”, it is much easier to stay motivated. Why do you want to protect your mental and physical health? Or why is it so important to maintain healthy relationships with your family, friends, and clients? It may seems so simple, but the step is often overlooked.

Did you catch the accompanying podcast? Need a refresher?

Click here to listen to “How to Avoid Overscheduling Your Life” …

In this chat about being too busy we discuss:

  1. Recognize what happens when there is no room for the unexpected.
  2. Learn how being too busy affects your mental health
  3. Hear the impacts of constant go, go, go on your physical health.

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