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How to Wake Up Earlier as a Mompreneur

When you say “wake up earlier”, how early are we talking???

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Let’s talk how to wake up earlier. Like 5 am earlier. Maybe even earlier (I’m toying with 4 am when homeschooling starts 😳🤪) I’m not gonna lie, starting an early morning routine can feel daunting. Especially if you don’t feel like you’re a “morning person”. But hopefully the strategies I share that have worked for many morning routine advocates can help you wake up earlier too.

Today’s tips help you ease into a morning routine…Even if you don’t feel like you could possibly wake up any earlier. And, dare I say, even make it that you find waking up earlier enjoyable. Yep, I said it.

Can commit to slow and steady progress in creating your routine? Then you will find the habit easier to maintain. And you will notice the results and benefits of your morning routine. Because you are taking time to focus on the subtle changes rather than a broad sweeping overhaul.

Because I definitely do not recommend diving headfirst into a 5am morning routine. Unless you are already waking up fairly early. It’s like when you start a diet and you’re like “I’m not going to eat sugar or caffeine or carbs starting tomorrow”. Too much change is hard to maintain and can cause additional stress. And we’re trying to relieve stress with this routine. My tips today will ease you into this new found routine.

You still might think “I could never be a morning person”. Or “I would just hit snooze until I wake up at my normal time. And trust me, I get it. I argued with my coach when she first suggested it to me as a way to get my work done while my kids were around.

But creating and committing to an early morning routine has given me exactly what she promised…more time to work on focused projects to move my business forward. More time for self-care. And more time with my family where I’m actually present. Rather than thinking about what I’ll work on after they go to bed.

On a daily basis, you can start your day with something that fills your cup…whether figuratively like reading a book you love or exercising. Or literally like drinking a cup of coffee in quiet while reading the newspaper or just sitting.

And your family will notice and appreciate your presence. You will show them being your own boss doesn’t mean you have to work all the time. You can turn off and tune in when it’s family time.

My 6 Strategies to Wake Up Earlier

Have I convinced you to give an early morning routine a go? Are you still on the fence or wondering how you’ll drag your tired mom bod out of bed? Well, here are my six strategies to get your out of bed in the morning…So you can create a consistent morning routine you love.

  1. First, start slow. Too much too soon will be hard to maintain when it comes to any new habit. Start with 15-30 minutes earlier. Then when that feel normal or easier, back it up a little more. It took me around 6 months to go from waking with my kids at 730am to waking at 530am
  2. Next figure out an alarm style that will wake you up, but not ruin your morning. You might want to try the clocks that slowly make the room brighter or waking to music. Or one of my favorite ideas I heard is a man who wanted to kick his snooze habit. So he recorded himself asking his dog if it wanted to take a walk and used it as an alarm. If you have a dog, you know there is no hitting the snooze on walkies. Google ideas or search around on Amazon to find an alarm style that appeals to you.
  3. Another way to help you get up and at ‘em earlier is to set your morning up the night before. Prep something you’ll love to eat for breakfast. Know exactly what you’ll do or work on to cut down on the decision fatigue…because who wants to wake up and immediately start making decisions about what to do.
  4. Next, try to incorporate some way of moving your body and waking your brain. It could be something like placing the alarm clock you choose across the room to force you out of bed. You might want to write morning pages or affirmations to get your focus juices flowing. Do something to help your body and mind ease into the work you will do. Rather than rolling right out of bed onto your laptop
  5. And waking your mind and moving your body can couple with my next strategy…Do something you love. It’s so much easier to wake up if you do something you look forward to rather than something you dread. Yoga, meditation, reading, jogging, dishes…because maybe you really like dishes? 🤷‍♀️ Anything that may motivate you to get out of bed because of the pleasure you derive from doing it…Do that thing as part of your morning routine.
  6. And finally, if you are struggling but really feel like you want to create a solid morning routine, find accountability. Maybe you wake and take a walk with a friend…that’s creating a plan, accountability, moving your body and doing something you love all rolled into one! Maybe you can work with your spouse or a co-worker. Or hire a coach who will do early morning check-ins to make sure you’re up. If it is important but you feel like you need extra help…find some accountability.

Ready to start working on your early morning routine? Write down your plan. Include what time you’ll wake up, what sort of alarm you’ll use, and what activity you love you’ll incorporate. Feel free to drop any questions or success stories in the comments below.

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