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Alexa Productivity for Moms

Alexa Productivity Tips for Moms

Alexa, make my mom life easier. Wait, is that possible? While it might not be quite that easy, today I'm sharing awesome tips for moms using your Amazon Alexa. I use my Alexa daily for offloading thoughts from my brain and managing tasks for my family. And I'd love to help other moms u ...

organizing your workspace

Organizing Your Workspace with The Simplifiers

Let's talk organizing your workspace... Would you consider your office calm or chaotic? Do you find you can be productive at your desk? Does your workspace set up work for you? Or are you often working in another space or wasting time searching for documents, files, or supplies? Read on to see h ...

Free Self-Care Ideas for Moms

10 Free 10-Minute Self-Care Ideas for Moms know you need it. But do you actually DO it? I am the first to admit that self-care is often pushed to the back burner by kid needs, husband needs, house needs, work needs, client needs, pet needs...all the needs. Self-care always seemed more like something I would get around to ...

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